Misschien hebben jullie het al gehoord, gezien of gelezen… MAAR too faced komt terug naar Nederland! Ben je beniewd waar? Lees dan gauw verder.
De desbetreffende winkel die too faced gaat verkopen in Nederland, verkoopt het in Duitsland ook al een tijdje. Het gaat hier namelijk om de douglas. Ik heb geen officieel bericht gelezen, maar dit is wat dr nieuwsbrief zei : “er is een nieuw merk in aantocht in de Douglas Online Shop“.

Ik denk dat ze het alleen nog online gaan verkopen en dus niet in-store, dit vind ik totaal niet erg, want douglas heeft de fijnste delivery ever en ook nog eens gratis!

Ik heb natuurlijk gelijk even een kijkje genomen op de douglas site, helaas hebben ze nog geen groot assortiment… maar HET populairste product is in ieder geval te koop, namelijk de ‘better then sex mascara’.

Ik ben in ieder geval super blij dat zo een fijn merk weer gemakkelijk te bestellen is, in plaats van hoge verzendkosten te betalen en lange wachttijden. Zijn jullie blij dat too faced weer in Nederland te koop is? Zo Ja, wat hebben jullie op je wenslijstje?


MJS Bags Perfume|| review💎

Hi dolls💕

 I’m back with another blogpost. I received two lovely mini parfumes to review for you.

A little company background

MJS bags perfume is a webshop where you can get parfumes. They have some really lovely handbags, but I received the parfumes this time! It’s funny because these are bagsparfumes. We make sure that WE smell nice, but MJS makes sure that also your bags will smell amazing. Their two parfumes are fit for textile and it doesn’t stain. They are packed in a bottle of 30 ML. Their website is 

 You get the parfume in a cute little blue bag. REMINDER: I got little bottles to review. You also get a little book of 4 pages with all the information about the company and their products. 

You also get this little card with their brand name and what they sell. I love the pictures that are being showed on the card and what I REALLY love is the little diamond on it. On the back of the card you have their information again to contact them etc.

The design of the card is really cute in my opinion, very elegant. 

The two parfumes

I care

 I care is a combination of fresh flowers, peach, cashmere musk and soft vanilla. This is a very warm kind of fragrance and really soft. I used this one for my bed also because I really liked this fragrance.


Wings is more of a fresh fragrance. It’s a combination of fresia, berry’s, lilies, marigold, peony’s and vanilla. This one makes your bag smell fresh and fruity. Nice for in your sportsbag. 

The names of the parfumes are well-thought of, I care is a soft and gentle fragrance. It makes me think of a caring warm home. Suite very well. Wings is a fresher fragrance that makes me think of being in the air. Again… the name wings suits amazing.

You can also sell MJS bags perfume in your own store if you’d like. Just contact them and they will have all the information!



Contact (31)0624566038

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. What has your preference? A fresh fragrance or a soft warm fragrance? My favorite was I CARE. I will see you in my next one loves💕 

ROSAFIER.NL || this ring is so cute | review ❤

Hi everyone, 

Welcome back to a new article, this time it isnt about makeup…. its about jewelry! I recieved this beautiful ring from

Rosafier is a website that sells handmade jewelry. The jewelry are one of a kind, so their stocking is limited. The collection goes from bracelets, to earrings to rings. Its also nice to know that their jewelry is made out of real silver. They have free shipping for the netherlands and if you order before 15:00, you have your package the next day! The jewelry are made in a fabric in SOUTH – ASIA and tooled into a beautiful jewelry piece. The website is really easy in use and it looks very professional, something that is important to me.

I got the GAHANA ring in 17mm. Its a beautiful silver ring with an amazing design. The ring contains labradorite stone in the middle. The stone has a grey and blue colour AND was made with love😏❤

The packaging is really pretty also. It is wrapped in a brown paper tied up with a blue string. Sealed with a blue sticker with their brand name on it. 

When you open that little present, you got the ring raffled in a white paper, again sealed with the blue labeled sticker. Its like you recieve a present and that is really nice. Also you can believe that your jewelry will arrive without any damage, because this packaging is dope and safe.

TIP : they also have an extensive catalog for webshops that also want to sell silver hand made jewelry. If you are interested in this as a webshop, you can totally sent them an e-mail. Their e-mail is . 

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did… please let me know in the comments. Also let me know what you think about my ring😍 I will see you in my next article. X-x-X 


 Hi dolls❤

I uploaded a juli favorites video on my youtubechannel.

In my video I mention a pafrume from etos, fixingspray from etos, eyeshadowpalette from makeuprevolution and a something from aliexpress. If you want to know what the aliexpress item is, you can watch the video! Let me know what your thoughts are, I would love to hear your feedback.

Link to my video


hey babes❤

Im back with another post, but this time it is going to be a little different. The thing is, I started youtube again because I received my ringlight and I filmed a fashion try on haul! Super excited about my new video because the views and subscribers are going up and up!

Im going to give you ONE little sneakpeak of a piece that I show in the video and I will leave out the link for the people that want to see all the pretty items that I got!

This pumpkin coloured top is from the forever21 and I got it in a size 36, my normal size. It was for sale, for the price you can also check the video!

The link above is the link to the video, please let me know what you think about it!❤

FREEDOM dipbrow pomade || anastasia dipbrow DUPE❤

hi dolls❤

A while ago there was a sale at kruidvat, 1+1 for free. I noticed that they sold freedom online, yes.. FREEDOM. Normally you have to get it from a website such as beauty88nl, boozyshop etc…. But now you can order it from kruidvat without shipping costs😏 I got the freedom dipbrow pomade in the colour darkbrown and chocolat. I will be reviewing the darkbrown in this post.

The packaging

The packaging looks like packaging of the anastasia dipbrow pomade. A black sleek box and the dipbrow itself in a pot of glass. Very sleek, very simple. 

The formula

The formula of this dipbrow is very VERY smooth. It applies very easy and is easy to blend. The formula is giving me anastasia dipbrow pomade vibes also. I apply this pomade with the same brush that I use to apply the ABH dipbrow, shown in the first picture. I think its called the abh no. 12 brush.

How does it look on the brows?

This is a picture of my brows when I used the freedom dipbrow pomade. Colour suits my very well and it stays on like, the whole day, wich is amazing.

This is a picture of my brows after I used the anastasia dipbrow pomade in the colour darkbrown. There is really no difference exept for the flash.

  • Very cheap (5,99)
  • Stays on the whole day
  • Applies very smooth
  • Exact dupe for the anastasia dipbrow (30,50)


  • NONE😍

I think that the list of pros and cons shows that this dipbrow is defenitely worth buying. After I run out of my darkbrown I will use my chocolate one, I will review that colour also to show you the difference if there is any. I hope you enjoyed this review, please let me know what your thoughts are on this product and i’ll see you in my next one❤

ACTION: MAX & MORE nudelook 8 colours eyeshadowpalette❤

Hi babes😙

Today i am doing a review on this little eyeshadowpalette from action, yes…. action, again. Sorry, action is just such a great store for everything. I came across this little eyeshadowpalette with 8 colours in it, i picked it up because of the beautiful shimmercolours. No long talking, lets get this review on and poppin’.

  • Packaging

The packaging looks good. It comes in a black matte box that gives the brand name on the front and the eyeshadow name at the back. There is also a sort of eyeshadow guide on the back, I think this is handy because action has super affordable make-up, beginners will start with these kind of palettes so it is nice that they put the little guide there.

The actual palette looks a bit cheap. Its really lightweight and it is made out of cheap plastic or something.

  • The colours and switches

So as i mentioned already, there are 8 colours. 1 matte shade and 7 shimmer shades. The colours that caught my eyes right away were the fifth, sixth and seventh one. The palette includes a brush (that I throw away everytime) and a small and little mirror under the brush, wich is so unneccecary in my opinion. I think we are all waiting for those swatches, so lets get into it😏

I must say…. im really really surprised by the swatches and I THINK you are too👀 Even the beige matte shade turned out good. I have 4 favorite colours after the swatches, number 4, 5, 6 and 7. And that blue one…. damn, that will be my new favorite outercorner colour to darken it up.

  • Good pigmentation
  • Very cheap and budgetproof (89 cent)
  • Easy to get
  • Pretty colours


  • Little mirror in the wrong place
  • Includes a brush that doest work at all
  • Cheap packaging material

Im totally shook by this palette because of the pigmentation and the price. I think you should really get this one because…. well, its not even 1€ and the colours are pretty as F. What do you think about this palette, do you think its worth the 89 cents or would you leave it?  Hope you enjoyed reading this and I will see you in my next one❤

TARTE COSMETICS: Rainforest of the sea eyeshadowpalette LIMITED EDITION❤

Hi babes😗

I’m so exited because yesterday I won a beautiful palette and on top of that, it’s a limited edition! I think this is my first makeup product that is limited edition and I’m so exited to do this review! I’m t talking about the tarte cosmetics Rainforest of the sea eyeshadowpalette 😍.

Okay, this eyeshadow palette retails for 32$ and comes with 8 colours. You have two editions but I think that the one I got is the most women of colour friendly! 

  • The packaging

Let’s be real, limited editions ALWAYS have the most beautifull packaging ever, this time isn’t any different. The packaging is deep purple with gold. It has the brand name, tarte and the name of the palette written on the box. Then you have the actual palette and on the front it says TARTE. At the back it says the name of the palette. The colours purple and gold fit so perfectly for this packaging, mind blowing. The print really makes you thing of the sea. The product contains 12 gram, wich is good for the price that you pay.

  • Let’s talk colours

As I said it contains 8 colours.

From top to the right: 


All colours are named after things that are connected to the sea, really nice detail. They are all purple toned and would suit everyone, especially women of colour. There are 2 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades.

  • Let’s do some swatches

The colours are swatched in the order from top to the right, in the same order I wrote the names of the colours above👆  The first three colours are purple toned, the two middle colours are really nice bronzy shimmer colours. And the last three colours are a bit more cool toned. The first one of the last three would be such an amazing transition colour….I can already tell.

There is the end of this article already, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I want to do a big shoutout to lisanne for this amazing giveaway. I’m so happy that I won😍 Soon you will see my looks with this palette on my instagram . Please let me know what you think of this palette and I will see you in my next one❤



Hi dolls, here I am again and this time with a post that is a little bit different then my normal posts. I am nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD by realruhy , shoutout to here forreal, I think this is a really great way to get to know each other! 

The Liebster Award Rules;
Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you

Nominate 11 other bloggers

Ask your 11 nominees questions

Let them know that you have nominated them

I’m going to answer the questions that realruhy has asked so here it goes;

  • What country have you always wanted to visit and why?

I have always wanted to visit miami. Just because I love love LOVE the beach and I really like to party, those are things you can do in miami for sure. And miami is just such a beautiful place to visit.

  • What part of blogging do you enjoy the most?

I like that I can share my thoughts and opinions with other people that have the same passion as me. It makes me feel connected and I really enjoy that… although I don’t even really know my followers, I still feel connected.

  • Describe your perfect three course dinner…

OMG, this is such a hard one. I will tell you 1 thing….food is life. I’m not really a fancy eater, so  three course dinner? Damn, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I think I would start with chicken, then go for chicken and then end with chicken. Actually…. no, I would end with vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping and sprinkles. I would also add some fruit to that dessert😍

  • Tell us something about you that we would never guess!

I’m weird as fuck. And I don’t mean a silly kind of weird, I mean REALLY weird😂💔 You have to be a weirdo to be my friend.

  • When you are anxious/stressed/nervous how do you deal with it?

My solution to everything is food and talking to my mother

  • A day at a spa or a day of shopping?

Can I just do both? Go shopping and then go relaxing at the spa?

  • What was the last book you read?

Fifty shades of grey

  • Why do you have a blog?

I love beauty and fashion and I also love to make pictures. Next to that I love to share my experiences with other people. Blogging is a great way to do those things and get some recognition in return too.

  • What is your favourite makeup/skincare brand and why?

My favorite makeup brand at this moment is anastasia. Has been for a really long time and it still is. It started when I began to use the abh dipbrow pomade for my brows. 

  • Who is your role model or inspiration?

I think that jessie maya comes close. He is Dutch and came from nothing to SOMETHING in the Dutch youtube life

  • Do you watch the news & are you moved by what is happening in the world?

I don’t watch the news that often but I care about all the shit that is happening in this world. But I am a really sensitive person, if I watch too much depressive things, I will end up thinking about it every day and I don’t want that.

So, that were the questions that I got and the answers that I have. Now I will Nominate other bloggers for the Liebster awards. I will NOT Nominate 11 people, but I WILL Nominate 5. Here they are;


I would like to see you answer these questions that I got for you!

1) What is favorite dish from your national cuisine?

2) What languages do you speak?

3) What place you will never visit again and why?

4) What is your favorite superhero?

5) Have you ever thought of starting a youtube channel?

6) Describe yourself in 3 words.

7) The best way to spend a weekend.

Bewerk8) What is your favorite movie and why?

9) What makes you, you?

10) What is your daily beauty routine?

 11) Who is winning: damon or stefan? (Vampirediaries)

So exited to see who actually takes part of this fun award! Hope you enjoyed this article and I’ll see you in my next one❤

KYLIEJENNER TREND: laceup corset waistbelt❤

Hi dolls❤

Today I am back with a fashion post, my second fashionpost to be exact. Since my personal instagram is all in the theme of fashion I thought it would be nice to right fashion related post also. Today I am going to talk about the new ‘kyliejenner trend’ , I’m talking about the corset waistbelts. 

Suddenly we were seeing this corset thing all over instagram, Internet and among bloggers. I think it had something to do with the fact that kyliejenner showed up with this corset belt. I was very sceptical about this trend at first…. it looked a bit gothic or something in my eyes. I wasn’t ready to follow this trend, untill I saw this beauty right here.

Now this is could live with, I started to imagination how this would look on all kinds of clothes. Instagram ‘webshops’ are selling these belts for so much money….. when I saw this one for 15,95 I didn’t hesitate. 

How to style ?

This is one example. I got this picture from the instagram of varrelfashion. The shirt is really basic, but the belt makes it just a little more Sexy.

I really really really loved this outfit too. Again, the belt isn’t my style but they outfit tho😍 I got this picture from the instagram of didfashion that is located at my home town.

This is how I styled my corset belt from I got the dress from and the shoes from jadorefashion. The coat is from yaellafashion. I thought it would ook nice because of the lace on the top of my dress.
What do you think about this trend? Is it a go or is it a no go for you? I don’t think this trend is hyped up at all, please let me know what you think about it in the comments…I would LOVE to know ❤ see you in my next one.